Sunday, April 19, 2009

Key fashion trends Spring 2009

Grown up glamorous fashion focuses on dresses, ornate jackets and knee length easy coats, sleeve/shoulder and hemline interest. Fashion looks are becoming LESS careless, more ordered, more statement making with futuristic glamour at the helm.

Black and white has always been a winning colour scheme, and this year it combines animal prints with Mondrian style colour blocking. In particular look for monochrome effects based on zebra or giraffe prints with stripes and spots. The recent Spring 2009 Chanel Couture, show by Karl Lagerfeld, was an endless stream of white, and then black and white ensembles The high street has paid homage to the monochrome scheme as a foil for those who will never adopt neon bright colours. The monochrome look also translates well into the nautical / yachting / maritime themes which designers celebrate every year. This black and white fashion look is classic, and easy to develop on a budget, or by adapting existing wardrobe items.

Modesty in Fashion - Changes for 2009

Peek-a-Boo Sheers - More Modesty and Less Skin CoverageHot trend - Swarovski embellished Jason Wu Spring 2009 catwalk dress

In Spring 2009 you will see a trend developing for greater skin coverage. The bare-all too exposed fashions of previous seasons are now considered passé.

"What we are now seeing are peek-a-boo sheers, sleeves and more modest, less revealing cuts. Many women protested at the bare-all fashion and went for self-styling where they covered up those bare arms with shrugs. Designers have finally taken notice of consumer mood and are reworking sleeves with new vigour, adding sheer fabrics to décolletage and bringing hemlines down."

Ladylike cover up is in fashion. It is a signal of the more self assured woman.
Kaftan silhouette tunics with easy batwing flowing sleeves, or dropped shoulder 1980s style tops and kimono sleeves are relaxed and easy to wear। All are ideal fashions for summer wear, perfect with jeans, shorts or other trousers.

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