Monday, August 16, 2010

AL Laylat Couture & The Hijab exchange are campaigning to open US markets for Abaya companies both abroad and within the US.

We are interested in designers or companies with a strong brand identity that would like to actively market/franchise/ retail/ wholesale/and or manufacture their product in the United States.

Woman in the US are asking for the same shopping experience in the states as they would have in the Gulf. However, there are no stores in the local malls to shop in for abaya.
Too often product quality is very poor while selection extremely minimal.

Why You Should Invest In this Opportunity
We know that online sales are still profitable but however exports are down by more than 20%. Unemployment remains at a steady 15% in some states. Many companies are taking their manufacturing jobs overseas creating an even higher unemployment rate in the States.
By opening the US market you are opening our economy thru trade and production and essentially building a strong market here for your product. Which in turn creates profit and jobs at the same time. There are many tax deductions available and incentives for bringing your company to the US. This is also an opportunity for investors to invest in an untapped market with virtually no competition wich creates excellent returns regardless of what the stock market is doing. For more information on the Economic & Investment Recovery Act go to

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