Monday, May 18, 2009

Featured Designer: Roselle Fashion


We pride ourselves to execute 32 different designs of Abaya per season along with Real GOLD or SILVER Logos on each Sheila & Abaya. In addition, we also use Platinum
Logo with Diamonds to serve VIP and Royal Families from all around the world
with their customized designs.

ROSELLE FASHION is planning to be the leader and the most well known boutique in designing Abaya and Sheila within UAE and all other Gulf countries. Our mission is to serve the Royal and VIP families within UAE and all other Gulf countries with the most Luxurious and Fashionable Abaya & Sheila. Furthermore, one of the Roselle Fashion’s aims is to implement and present the most desirable combinations of Arabic and French design in Abaya & Sheila.   

P.O Box 2082
Address: Jumeirah No. (2) ,
Al Athar Road, opposite Al Safa Park,
Villa No. 51
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TEL : +971 4 3441055
FAX: +971 4 3449565

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